Windows Mobile Device Center 6. Télécharger Jitsi pour Windows : téléchargement gratuit. Ajouter ou supprimer des comptes d utilisateur Permet à l application d effectuer certaines opérations, par exemple. PDF Manuel d utilisateur a 2 pages et sa taille est de Kb. Un certain nombre de personnes qui achètent smartphones cherchent les smartphones Android Samsung car ils offrent plus de fonctionnalités et sont fabriqués en utilisant les dernières technologies. Vous pourrez bientôt glisser-déposer des fichiers entre.

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A computer can be also used to charge the devic e by connecting them via the USB cable. Use only Samsung-appro ved chargers , batteries, and cables. Unappr oved chargers or cables can cause the battery to explode or damage the dev[ If this happens, unplug the charger from the devic e. This is no[ Removing the memor y card Befor e removing the memory card, first unmount it f or safe remo val.

On th[ F ormat the memor y card on the device. Befor e formatting the memory card, remember t [ This may cause connectivity problems or drain the ba tter y. L ock ing and unlock ing the devic e When not in use, lock the devic e to prevent un wanted operation. P ressing the P ower button turns off the screen and puts the device int o lock[ The icons list ed in the table below are most c ommon. Electrostatic discharges can cause the touch scr een to malfunc tion.

Double -tapping Double -tap on a webpage, map , or image to zoom in a part. Double -tap again to return. F lick up or down to scr oll through a webpage or a list, such as contacts.

Pinching Spread two fingers apart on a webpage, map , or image to zoom in a part. Pinch to zoom out. Befor e using motions, make sur e the motion featur e is ac tivated. Exc essive shaking or impac t to the device ma y result in u[ T urning o ver T ur n ov er the device to mut e ringtone, pause media pla yback, or mute the FM radio when using the speaker. Drag down fr om the status bar to open the notifications panel. Scr oll the list to see additional aler ts.

T o close the notifications panel , drag up the bar that is at t[ Adding an it em Cust omise the Home screen by adding widgets , folders, or panels. Setting wallpaper Set an image or photo stored in the devic e as wallpaper for the Home screen. Opening an application On the Home screen or the Applications scr een, selec t an application icon to open it.

Opening from r ecently-used applica tions Pr ess and hold the Home button to open the list of recen tl[ Enter a f older name and then tap OK.

Put applica tions into the new f older by dragg ing, and then tap S ave to sav e the ar rangement. Rearranging panels Pinch on [ T ext entr y is not suppor ted in some languages. T o ent er text, you must change the input language to one of the suppor ted languages.

Changing the k eyboard type T ap any t ex t field, open the notifications panel , tap Choose input method , and th[ The device display s what you speak. If the device does not recog nise your wor ds correctly , tap the underlined tex t and select an alternative w ord or phrase from the dr opdown list.

T o change the language or add languages f or the voice[ Enter the network name in Network SSID , select the securit y type and enter the passwor d if it is not an open network, and then tap Connect. F orgetting W i-Fi net w orks Any network that h[ The f ollowing file f ormats are supported by some applications.

Draw a patt er n by connecting four dots or mor e, and then draw the patt er n again to v erify it. Set a backup unlock PIN to unlock the screen when you f orget the pattern. If the unlock code is forgott en, take the device to a Samsung Ser vice Centre t o reset it. Upgr ading the device The device can be upg raded to the lat est soft ware. This f eature ma y not be available depending [ T ap Phone on the Applications screen. As characters are ent ered, pr edic ted contacts appear.

Selec t one to place a call to it. Enter the c ountr y code , area code , and phone number , an[ V iewing call logs T ap Logs to view the history of incoming and outgoing calls. T o send a message when r ejecting an incoming call, tap Rejec t call with message. Listening to a v oice messag[ T ap Con tacts on the Applications screen. Managing con tac ts T ap Con tacts. Crea ting a contac t T ap and enter contact information.

Editing a con tac t [ Adding c ontac ts to a gr oup Selec t a gr oup , and then tap. Select contacts to add, and then tap Done. T ap Messaging on the Applications screen.

Y ou may incur additional charges for sending or r eceiving messages while you are outside your home service area. F or details, contact your service provider. Sending messages T ap , add recipients[ Listening to a v oice message T ap and hold 1 on the keypad , and then follow the instructions from your service provider.

Email Use this application to send or view email messages. T ap[ Tick Scheduled email , set a time and date , and then tap Done. The device will send the message a t the specified time and da te. T ap Google Mail on the Applications screen. Delete this message. Pr eview attachment. Mark the message as a reminder. Keep this message for long-term storage. Reply to this message. Reply to all recipients or f or ward this message to others. Add this email addr ess to the contacts list. Labels Google Mail does not use ac tual f[ This application ma y not be available depending on the r egion or ser vice pr ovider.

T ap All Circles to change the category , and then scroll up or down to view posts fr om your circles[ T o use this application, you must sig n in to your Samsung account or v er ify your phone number.

T ap ChatON on the Applications screen. Creat e the buddies list by entering phone numbers[ T ap Internet on the Applications screen. V iewing webpage T ap the address field , enter the web address , and then tap Go.

T ap to share , save , or print the current w ebpage while viewing a webpage. T o go to another w ebpage[ Links T ap and hold a link on th[ T o go to another w ebpage, tap , and then select a webpage. Searching the w eb by voic e T ap the address field , tap , speak a keywor d, and then selec t one of the suggested keywords that appear. Syncing with other de vices Sync open tabs and bookmarks to use with Chrome on another dev[ Select the device you want t o pair with, and then accept the aut o - generated passkey on both devic es to confirm.

Sending and receiving da ta Many applications support dat[ T ap Music on the Applications screen. Pla ying music Selec t a music category , and then selec t a song to play. When you turn the v olume up to level 14 or higher , the adapt sound option is not applied to music playback.

If you turn the volume down t o level 13 or low er , the option is reapplied. Setting a song as ringtone T o use the [ Other wise, the device may not w ork properly in some modes th[ T ap MODE , and then scroll up or down the scr een at the right side of the screen.


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