Biographie[ modifier modifier le code ] Fayçal Karoui est né d'un père tunisien et d'une mère française [2]. Il obtient un premier prix de piano au conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés dans la classe de Catherine Collard et un premier prix de direction d'orchestre au conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris. Depuis , Fayçal Karoui est directeur musical de l' orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn avec lequel il popularise la musique classique au-delà de son auditoire traditionnel. Il insuffle une politique musicale en direction de tous et instaure une programmation ambitieuse où la musique nouvelle côtoie systématiquement les piliers du répertoire.

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À sa tête Fayçal Karoui et Frédéric Morando, un binôme qui a presque grandi ensemble. Même regard, même passion, même combat, mêmes valeurs, même empathie pour le genre humain, même acharnement au travail.

Blossom a voulu écrire sa partition. Depuis leurs études au Conservatoire de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, au gré de leurs parcours différents, ils ne se sont jamais perdus de vue. Frédéric, musicien, professeur de violon, enseignant pendant 15 ans, se souvient.

Fayçal, lui, était pianiste chez Catherine Collard. Catherine Collard avait vu juste. Et puis leurs chemins se sont séparés, chacun suivant sa partition pour se retrouver assez vite à Toulouse. Il devient directeur musical du New-York City ballet pour 7 années merveilleuses. Construire et continuer à construire, c'est ce que l'on fait ici. Aussi, il rejoint son ami en et en devient son directeur artistique. La musique est presque un prétexte dans notre façon de travailler.

Avec Fayçal, on essaie de bousculer les codes et de réinterroger les besoins et les méthodes. Vivre ensemble, pour moi, consiste essentiellement à faire ensemble! Pour en arriver là, il faut choisir des oeuvres qui plaisent et des musiciens de talent. En , il remporte le premier Prix du concours de Riddes en Suisse.

En général, on bloque une semaine par mois. La relation avec le public est primordiale. Sur scène, je suis son bras droit , même si je suis à sa gauche! Cette relation avec le public est primordiale. Voire même avec les publics. De jouer aussi bien dans une crèche que dans une médiathèque, un hôpital ou une prison!

Certains musiciens étaient mes profs au conservatoire! Maintenant je fais le jury! Wielding the baton are Fayçal Karoui and Frédéric Morando, two friends who virtually grew up together.

They share the same vision, the same passion; they sing from the same song sheet, they have the same values, the same empathy for people and the same devotion to their work. Thanks to their determination, complementary personalities and easy-going friendship, the Pau Orchestra has become a model for others, and Blossom has decided to set its story to music.

We meet them in the bar of the Belle Époque brasserie. Since their studies at the Saint-Maur-des-Fossés college of music, and though their respective career paths took them in different directions, they have always stayed in touch. Frédéric, a musician and violin teacher who taught for over 15 years, thinks back on his student years. Fayçal, was a pianist, under the instruction of Catherine Collard. Conduct an orchestra instead. It actually worked for a while until the director, probably out of jealousy, put an end to the wonderful initiative.

They then went their separate ways, each following his own score, but they soon met up again in Toulouse. It was the year when Fayçal won the Paris Music Academy prize for orchestra conductors and also received an award in the Besançon competition for young conductors. For his post-graduate studies, he spent two years in the Toulouse National Orchestra, as assistant to conductor Michel Plasson.

He became the musical director for the New York City ballet for seven wonderful years and at the same time he continued his work in Pau with Frédéric, who joined him in We use it as a tool.

When we created El Camino, an association to share musical culture at the meeting point between the orchestra and an educational project, we wanted to give children the opportunity to learn alongside orchestral musicians.

I taught for 15 years and was sometimes amazed at the lack of instructional and social initiatives. Fayçal and I try to shake up the established codes and take a fresh look at needs and methods.

In the space of a day, I can quite easily come across a manager from Total, an MJC[3] events organizer, the Mayor and neighbourhood associations, the board of directors from a hospital or a parent from El Camino. These different encounters help me acquire different and complementary skills and to forge long-term relationships and friendships.

For me, living together essentially means doing things together! I like people, I like meeting people. The concerts are always a sell-out, and achieving such popularity means selecting pieces of music that people enjoy and choosing talented musicians. In he won first prize in the music competition in Riddes, Switzerland. Playing in an orchestra appealed to him and he joined the French Youth Orchestra in where he discovered the symphonic repertoire and was later invited to play with the Toulouse Capitole Orchestra, the French National Symphony Orchestra, the Toulon Opéra and the Brittany Symphony Orchestra successively.

I went through two selection phases and after that, they hired me. We get our timetables well in advance for the year ahead, and in general, we reserve one week every month, which means that we can do what we want with our time outside that.

I also have a lot of respect for Laurent Manaud-Pallas, who really motivates the string section and gives impetus to the entire orchestra. The relationship with the audience is crucial Just by-the-by, his wife, a bass player, his daughter, who plays the violin, and his son, who is a percussionist, also play in the Orchestra.

In addition to his role as a soloist, he has to keep an eye on his sheet music, can decide on which type of bowing will be used for a given score and has a certain moral authority, as the go-between for the musicians and the conductor. Relationships are intense which means sometimes sparks fly, but they are always founded on the same passion — the key thing is to always put your heart and soul into the music so that you connect with the audience.

The Pau Orchestra is multifaceted orchestra, full of conviviality, sharing, music and friendship, a family cocoon where we all gather together to create something beautiful. Its main purpose is to give recognition to major contributions to the arts or literature.


Pablo Ferrandez violoncelle - Orchestre de Pau Pays de Béarn - Fayçal Karoui direction



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